The most exclusive perfumes in the world

As all veritable work of art, Le MONARQUE fragrances are unique and extremely rare.

Every original creation is produced only in a LIMITED EDITION of 1 000 numbered flacons. Consequently, the access to every perfume LE MONARQUE is extremely confidential throughout the world and for a very short time period.

Every numbered perfume bottle is accompanied by its Certificate of Authenticity. Veritable member card, this certificate integrating the NFC technology is also the guarantee for our privileged customers that only 1 000 individuals in the world will be able to wear this original fragrance.

Furthermore, our members owning a numbered flacon LE MONARQUE have exclusive access to the recharge of their fragrance, thus assuring them a personal exclusive olfactory signature for life.

"Savoir-Faire" – our unmatched French know-how

Every perfume flacon LE MONARQUE is a unique work of art:
Exceptional made-to-measure flacon inspired by the radial cut of a diamond, each of its facets makes the object of a hand-polishing process. Every fragrance bottle is distinctive and adorned with a 23 karat gold-plated plaque, engraved and enameled by hand with its own number from 000 to 999.

Every flacon is crowned by an original cap inspired by precious royal seals. Veritable work of art on its own, this impressive piece is composed of a 23 karat golden-plated zamak griffe, asserting a diamond-cut stone engraved with the emblem of the brand.

Every perfume bottle, always accompanied by its unique Certificate of Authenticity, is beautifully presented in a most luxurious and original hand-made wooden chest. Lined with black velvet, this exceptional case is covered with five layers of black lacquer for a perfect finishing and adorned with the brand logo in a most elegant and discreet manner.

The Creations

Every perfume LE MONARQUE is, above all, a veritable work of art, being an original creation signed by a world-renowned perfumer.

Absolutely no artistic or marketing directions were communicated for these compositions, thus entirely privileging the artists’ genius and creativity during the creation process.

No limitations of any kind were imposed to the master perfumers, in order to give them complete freedom to create and innovate, to allow them to employ in their compositions the most exclusive and noble of ingredients, the purest essential oils, the rarest absolutes, the most exceptional harvests, thus realizing the most audacious and original perfumes, veritable masterpieces of the artist.

As for any real artistic creation, the formulae is never revealed, remaining the very well-kept secret of every perfumer.